Date: 8/31/18 5:50 pm
From: Dan Nelson <birdsurf64...> [northbaybirds] <northbaybirds-noreply...>
Subject: [NBB] Owl Canyon, Bodega Bay 8/31
Hi Birders,Around 9:30 this morning, I found an imm. female ROSE-BREASTED GROSBEAK in the Owl Canyon, W. side of Bodega Harbor. It would call frequently at times, with silent periods lasting 15-20 mins. in between. It ranged up and down the canyon, and was photographed roughly halfway to the top, across from the slide area.  It was seen by a number of local birders out today. Other birds seen in/ near the canyon included Black-throated Gray, Orange-crowned, Townsend's , Wilson's, Yellow,  and MacGillivray's Warblers; also Cassin's Vireo, 4-5 Warbling Vireos, Black-headed Grosbeak, Western Tanager, 3 Willow Flycatchers, 4-5 Pac-slope Flycatchers, dark, sloppy looking juv. Spotted Towhee, Blue-gray Gnatcatcher, Lesser Goldfinches, w/ lots of American's, many Barn Swallows with Violet-greens, N. Rough-wings, Cliff 's and 3 Vaux' Swifts mixed in.  At Campbell Cove there was another Black-headed Grosbeak, a few Wilson's Warblers, another Willow Flycatcher, but little else as the few clouds cleared and the fierce N.W. wind began to build around 2 PM.
No sign of the imm. Red-eyed Vireo or Northern Waterthrush at this location today...
Good Birding,- Dan Nelson , Sonoma Co.
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