Date: 8/30/18 6:37 pm
From: Noah Arthur <semirelicta...> [northbaybirds] <northbaybirds-noreply...>
Subject: [NBB] Pt. Reyes today

This was one of the birdiest days I’ve seen on the Outer Point. The Fish Docks trees were crawling with flycatchers — many PACIFIC-SLOPES and WESTERN WOOD-PEWEES with a few each of WILLOW and OLIVE-SIDED in the mix. One Willow was intriguingly greenish-backed and several of us agreed it looked rather unlike our usual Western Willows.

Warblers were a HERMIT, a few BLACK-THROATED GRAYS, and two or three YELLOWS. Plus some WARBLING VIREOS. And Dea Freid directed me to a close-up juvenile WANDERING TATTLER at the end of the lower trail (at the actual “fish dock”). 

Nunes Ranch had a few more flycatchers and a nice CASSIN’S VIREO. 

And on the way out, I joined David Tomb at the EASTERN KINGBIRD stakeout along Sir Francis Drake just after (east of) the intersection with Drakes Beach Rd. 

Good Birding! Bring on the warblers! 

Noah Arthur (Oakland)

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