Date: 8/29/18 8:59 pm
From: Josh <opihi...>
Subject: [MASSBIRD] Nighthawks out west; RBNut in Amherst
Hi MassBirders,

Several impressive nighthawk reports have come in to Western Mass Birders on FaceBook. A few samples:

August 24, by Henry Lappen: "7PM: 400 nighthawks feeding just north of Montague Center! Biggest group I've ever seen."

August 25, by Dale Abrams: “Between 5:45-7:10 pm on Friday evening we had several groups of of nighthawks flying and feeding in the vicinity of canoe meadows wildlife sanctuary. First group included 7 birds, second group had 10, both coming from south. Final group had over 60 birds coming close to CM from north side near Housatonic River. "

August 28 at 7 PM, by Stephen Baker: “100+ nighthawks here in Conway NOW”

August 28 by Michelle Cozine: “Counted two dozen overhead... feeding over Lake Metacomet."

I haven’t been outside at the right moment to spot any more since my previously posted August 21 trio. I did have good timing this morning to open the bathroom window at the right moment to hear a Red-breasted Nuthatch calling in our backyard (east Amherst). First one I've seen or heard since early May, and first one I've recorded in our yard (east Amherst) since July 1 of last year! Also saw an Ovenbird this morning, creeping around my brush pile, and a Scarlet Tanager in the trees above there, a young male, mostly green with a scattering of red flecks.

Good birding,


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Amherst, MA

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