Date: 8/28/18 7:30 pm
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Subject: [NBB] Bodega Bay migrants today 08/28/2018
The high fog and light southwest winds favored landfall of mostly western migrants and there were pretty good flocks at every location I birded. I hit many locations between 10am -200 pm.


1 Northern Waterthrush- Campbell Cove ( in the willows west and north of the bathrooms at the seep)
1 American Redstart hatch year female in lower Owl Canyon
2 Hermit Warbler Lower Owl Canyon
1 Cassin's Vireo Hole in the Head
1 Olive-sided Flycatcher Hole in the Head
1 Black-throated Gray Flycatcher Bodega Dunes Campground
3 Yellow Warbler
12 Wilson's Warbler
4 Orange-crowned Warbler ( one gray-headed form at Campbell cove)
2 Townsend's Warbler
8 Western Wood Pewee
12 " Western" type " Flycatcher
15!! Willow Flycatcher ( the most I have ever seen in one day anywhere!)
9 Warbling Vireo

Today was notable in how MANY flycatchers there were at any known willow or cypress patch . They were everywhere where good habitat was.
At the Bodega Dunes Campground I had three Willows perch together on one willow branch!! Impressive movement of Willow Flycatchers!

A brief seawatch ( great conditions ) produced a Parasitic Jaeger , 20 Red-necked Phalarope and only 3 Sooty Shearwater compared to 1000s last Weds.

There were 3 Red-necked Phalarope at the Doran Beach Entrance Pond at 945 am.

I posted a couple of shots of the Northern Waterthrush in the photo section.

Scott Carey

Sebastopol, Ca

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