Date: 8/26/18 5:44 pm
From: Warblerick <ricksussman1955...>
Subject: [MDBirding] Good flight of Common Nighthawks over Woodbine
Starting shortly after 5 pm, we began seeing individual Common Nighthawks over our yard, then after 6 pm several flying together. Between about 7-7:30 we saw a flock of about 40, which flew in huge circles over our neighborhood coming in from the north, heading south, then back towards the east, then back around to the north. They did this 3-4 times, feeding as they flew, mouths agape. They covered an area of probably 10 acres or more, and each time came a bit further SW towards our yard. At one point the whole flock was circling over our yard, some as low as about 50-60 feet, others three times that high. Fun to watch through binoculars as they flew over feeding. After this flock finally flew off towards the west, another flock came in from the north, numbering about 35 birds or so, and headed due south. In total, somewhere between 80-90 birds.
Rick Sussman
Woodbine, Carroll County

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