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Subject: [NBB] Fw: Bevy of Baird's and Annual Crayfish Feed at PetWet

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   On yesterday's Petaluma Wetlands AllianceShollenberger Park survey we had at least 4 BAIRD'S SANDPIPERS in the centralpond midway between "the kink" in the path and Point Blue. I wasn'tcarrying a scope and hate to hog other peoples', so I returned in the PM withmy own for a longer look and counted 7 of them, along with a few Westerns andover 20 Least. That's a lot of Baird's, and with so many reports of others inthe area I'm wondering if these normally mid-continental migrating birds mightbe concentrating near the coast to escape the smoke accumulating in the CentralValley.

   Today I wanted to check Ellis Creek WTF at hightide and was pleasantly surprised to see that the annual draw down of the 4finishing ponds had just commenced a couple days ago. There were hundreds ofbig crayfish, most already dead, the rest standing their ground on the mostsoutheasterly pond. Many dozens of egrets with lumpy throats, hundreds of waterfowl,some shorebirds just arriving, no rails yet. This is done each year mainly to control bullfrogs and timedfor prime shorebird migration, they'll do the other 3 in sequence, seems ittakes a couple of weeks. At high tide passing shorebirds are less likely to be distracted by Gray's Mud.


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