Date: 8/23/18 8:48 am
From: Anthony Hill <anhinga13...>
Subject: [MASSBIRD] re: strange hummingbird behavior
Hi Alida -

I think you are probably right - the hummingbird is looking for bugs.
High-speed video studies have shown that hummingbirds are very efficient
flycatchers, and
their bills flex to a great extent while they are doing this. You don't
describe a U-shaped pattern to the flight, which is often a territorial
display and can be seen
at this time of year as well as during the breeding season.

I'll be curious to see if others have ideas on the antics you describe.
Thank you for the interesting post.

S. Hadley, MA

Anthony Hill
Certified Trainer, Passerines and Hummingbirds
Co-Chair, Certification Committee
North American Banding Council (
Coordinator, Appledore Island Migration Station

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