Date: 7/16/18 10:24 am
From: Brian Fitch <fogeggs...>
Subject: [SFBirds] Sutro, Parakeet, etc.
I did another seawatch at Sutro this morning, with the highlights being a
single Rhino Auklet, and 2-3 Wandering Tattlers.

I then walked over to see what the other auklet was up to, and found it
sitting on the small shore rock west of Hermit Rock. I found it through
its voice, which I had not heard in any earlier sightings, and later
watched while it called once each from the water and from the rock. The
sound was an upslurred trill, almost as piercing as the surrounding
guillemots. Checking Xeno-Canto, there are only 5 recordings of PAAU, and
XC352913 by Lambert from the Pribilofs was like the calls I heard.

After seeing a little extra misinformation on eBird yesterday, I'll remind
folks that in 2016, a PAAU was photographed in this same area. The
sighting was treated skeptically until the photos were later published, and
by the time chasers got out there, the bird had vanished, not to be
refound. Rudy discovered the returning bird at the current site in 2017,
for which we're all very grateful. And yet in June of 2017, I reported a
probable PAAU from the Sutro Baths, as I just reiterated a few weeks ago,
when I had another sighting of an odd auklet that I'm not certain was the

I wish I had time (and means) to try and track this bird when it leaves the
rocks, as it's clearly behaving oddly by having adopted Hermit Rock as its
summer home.

Last Friday, there were 3 Rhinos at the Baths, all with horns, and at the
tobacco bushes by the Bercut horse corral, there was a Rufous Hummingbird
among many selasphorus, judged by the spread tail.

Brian Fitch

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