Date: 7/12/18 7:53 am
From: Bill Hilton Jr. <research...>
Subject: Hilton Pond 06/01/18 (All American Toad Spectacle)
Back in May I was guiding, banding, and lecturing at West Virginia's New River Birding and Nature Festival. In a recent installment of "This Week at Hilton Pond" I wrote about some of the things we saw and did in the Mountain State, but one phenomenon was so amazing I decided to devote an entire photo essay to it. I speak here of an all American Toad spectacle in which amorous amphibians were doing their best to propagate their genes. Installment #674 for 1-30 Jun 2018 is all about toads (and amplexus) and includes a couple of interesting notes about nature happenings at Hilton Pond.

As always we provide a list of birds banded and recaptured during the period. Of particular interest were numerous "old" Ruby-throated Hummingbirds returning in June from previous years.

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