Date: 7/12/18 6:29 am
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Subject: [HMBirds] July 11 Birdline

Birdline summary for two weeks ending July 11

10 reports; 73 species reported

Best of the two weeks

AMERICAN BITTERN: Fort Edward 7/8, 7/11

CASPIAN TERN: New Baltimore 7/9


SEDGE WREN: Fort Edward 7/10, 7/11; Hudson Falls 7/10

VESPER SPARROW: Stuyvesant 7/3 (2)

CLAY-COLORED SPARROW: Fort Edward 7/8 (3), 7/11

ORCHARD ORIOLE: Fort Edward 7/8

Other notables:

Osprey: Fort Edward 6/27 (2)

Bald Eagle: Stuyvesant 7/3; Cohoes 7/6

American Kestrel: Stuyvesant 7/3; Fort Edward 7/8

Merlin: Fort Edward 7/8

Yellow-throated Vireo: Fort Edward 7/3

Wood Thrush: Fort Edward 7/3 (3)

Pine Siskin: Providence 7/3

Thanks to Nancy Castillo (Providence), Rich Guthrie (New Baltimore), Ron Harrower (Fort Edward), Nancy Kern (Fort Edward, Cohoes, Stuyvesant), Stacy Robinson (Hudson Falls), Zach Schwartz-Weinstein (Fort Edward), Scott Varney (Fort Edward) and Tom Williams (Fort Edward)

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