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Subject: Correction!!: Re: PSO annual meeting -- Field Trips
My mistake! ERIE NATIONAL WILDLIFE REFUGE is not at Presque Isle but has sections in various places in Crawford County. Michael David will be leading the group to a wide variety of habitats including
forest, brushy areas and marshes.

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Subject: PSO annual meeting -- Field Trips

Have you ever visited Crawford county for birding? If you have, then you know that a fall highlight is shore birds. If you haven't been there, then register for the PSO meeting September 14-16. Field trips will take place both Sunday and Saturday mornings. One of the trips is to the Miller Ponds area with open fields and two small ponds that are attractive to migrant shorebirds. Rare migrants over the years include Willet, Wilson’s Phalarope and American Golden Plover. Other migrants will be sought at three marshes: Geneva, Custards and Hartstown. Or, sign up to visit nearby ERIE NATIONAL WILDLIFE REFUGE at Presque Isle. September is peak migration here for shorebirds and warblers. Over 300 different species of birds have been identified on the peninsula throughout the years. There are Eight Field Trips total so check at the website below to see more details of the 8 trips.
Registration ends August 26 and none will be accepted after that. PSO room rates at nearby hotels are available.

Deborah Grove
Deborah Grove
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