Date: 7/11/18 2:28 pm
From: <mvjohnski...>
Subject: [cobirds] Common Shelducks
I was helping my wife Lisa with some shorebird surveys at Blanca Wetlands,
when 4 strange ducks flew overhead. Snapped photos that were poor as the
birds disappeared into the horizon. Half hour later, rounded a bend and
there they were. This time the photos were better and we later keyed them
out to be 4 adult Common Shelducks. These birds acted very wild at human

Looked into R&A and saw no mention of these. Sibley says these exotics can
show up about anywhere. So question for the group is...what is the status
of this bird in our state? Sure was an odd and unexpected sighting. I
wanted to mention this since Blanca Wetlands will soon be open (closed
through July 15th then open) in case anyone might want to see them and
other birds there. Some shorebirds like Baird's Stilt, and Western
Sandpipers are there.

Also, in this drought we are having, I would ask you all to be careful in
your observations of Snowy Plovers, some of which still have young and are
being confined by ever-drying/shrinking wetlands this year. Seriously need
the monsoons to bring us moisture.

John Rawinski
Monte Vista, CO

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