Date: 7/11/18 1:01 pm
From: Black-Tanski <blacktanski...>
Subject: [COBOL] Bird word game
So Deb and I kayaked a high lake today, where we saw lots of juvenile bird
activity, including mallard, bufflehead and ring-necked duck broods at
various stages of development. As we paddled, we found ourselves applying
one word descriptions to several, but not all, of the bird species
encountered. These included:

Canada goose 5 "relaxed"
Mallard 12
Ring-necked duck 24
Bufflehead 20 "precocious" (fluffy babies were diving like the pros!)
Pied billed grebe 4 "primitive"
Tree swallow 20 "graceful"
Yellow-headed blackbird 15 "regal"
Red-winged blackbird 6 "iconic"
Common yellowthroat 1 (heard)
Marsh wren 3
American robin 2

Kevin 3

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