Date: 7/11/18 10:09 am
From: Mike <gardenbug99...>
Subject: [COBOL] Redmond Ponds
Visited Redmond Ponds this morning about 7:00am. Pond filling fast. Notable shore birds were one Greater Yellowlegs five Least Sandpipers, one Spottie and about 25 Killdeer. Five Bald Eagles either perched or aloft, two adults and three juveniles. One Swainson’s Hawk. Only ducks were several mallard grown broods and a pair of L. Scaup.

Canada Goose 7
Mallard 40+/-
L. Scaup 2
Pied-bill Grebe 2
Osprey 1
Bald Eagle 5, 2adult, 2 juv
Swainson’s Hawk 1
Redtail Hawk 2
Kestral 1
California Quail 17, two broods
Killdeer 22
Greater Yellow-legs 1
Spotted Sandpiper 1
Least Sandpiper 5
E.C. Dove 3
M. Dove 2
Says Phoebe 1
BB Magpie 4
Raven 6
NRW Swallow 2
Barn Swallow 7
Mt. Bluebird 6, a family group
Starling 75+/-
A. Robin 4
Brewers Blackbird 25

Also of note this morning, had the first large group of Pinon Jays that we have seen in our yard at Eagle Crest for at least a year. Estimate 70. I hear them on Cline Butte most mornings on my dog walk, but only one or two.

Mike Golden
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