Date: 7/11/18 8:03 am
From: Lars Norgren <larspernorgren...>
Subject: [obol] Flycatcher I D
Once again the impersonal nature of on line exchanges is proving a
handicap. I've known Tim Rodenkirk for well over a decade. Give him a
personal snarktrainer and after months of instruction he still would be
incapable of crafting a snarky remark. As for identifying Empidonax and
Contopus flycatchers with a field guide, it has always felt like a fool's
errand to me. Dave Irons provides a link to an article of his that is well
worth reading. His website Birdfellows is a resource that all of us could
benefit from, but I suspect most Obol subscribers don't know about.
My first response to Jim's flycatcher photo was "What habitat?" . The
lack of eye-ring narrowed the choice to Willow or Wood Pewee. The first to
be expected in brushy riparian areas with no canopy(Basket Slough has
some), the latter in open woodland(Basket Butte has some). Oregon has nine
species of Empidonax and Contopus on a yearly basis. They all have well
defined habitat preferences. It is seldom one encounters two species at
once during the breeding season. If David Sibley's publisher had allowed
him the second volume he planned on, this kind of information might have
been in a field guide. Lars

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