Date: 7/11/18 7:52 am
From: van der Horst <kathyfrans...>
Subject: [obol] Asking for ID help on OBOL
I am responding to Tim Rodenkirk’s suggestion that Jim Leonard look in his own field guide rather than ask for help to identify a bird he has photographed. In support of Jim, I really enjoy seeing his photographs in OBOL, trying to ID them myself, reading what others say about them, and learning along with him. I am pleased when I can figure it out without using a guide, and also pleased when I can read how other birders identify the questionable bird. Jim asked for help with two photos of birds that I think would be tricky for many. Even though it may not be a rare sighting, I’ve never seen a Common Yellow Throat fledgling. Wouldn’t find it in my field guide, either.

I would like OBOL to be an accepting, non-judgmental discussion and sharing forum, not one where those who seeking help have to think twice about being criticized. If you are not interested in helping with a bird ID, or reading what others think, you can skip those posts. I prefer to see each photo as a little quiz, and quizzes have been part of OBOL for a long time.

Kathy van der Horst
Portland, OR
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