Date: 7/11/18 7:48 am
From: Cliff Otto <bye.bye.nh.birdy...>
Subject: [NHBirds] New Nikon 3000mm optical zoom camera
Just received announcement from Nikon about the release of their P1000
Extreme Zoom camera, which has a built-in 24-3000 mm lens with "Dual Detect
image stabilization (horizontal and vertical movement) and great low-light
capability." It also other bells and whistles.

My experience with an earlier model (P900) was that the slow shutter
reaction time made it difficult for hand-held bird photography. The shutter
on this new model can be triggered remotely so with a solid tripod mount
one could get an extremely long lens on a camera for only $1000.

I have no connection with Nikon other than I have used their cameras for
more than fifty years. I'm just passing this on in case any of the readers
are looking for an inexpensive LONG lens. I'd read reviews and get a
hands-on look before buying it but even if you don't use the full zoom
range, it is an attractive sounding option.

Clifford Otto

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