Date: 7/11/18 7:35 am
From: Robert Mussey <mussey.robert...>
Subject: [MASSBIRD] hummingbirds fledge in storm -- again
For the third year since I'm been closely monitoring my "flock" of resident
hummingbirds (about 10 years), this morning about 6 fledglings showed up in
the midst of the dawn thunderstorm in Milton. In two recent years past,
I've had fledglings also first appear in heavy rainstorms as remnant
hurricanes swept through. This is definitely a pattern. I suppose it just
gets insufferable in a tiny nest, crowded and soaking wet. Why not leave?

The 6 new ones are from my 3 resident females this year, accompanied by 2
males. A couple of other females make occasional appearances, so the young
could be from their nests also.

As usual, it was absolute chaos around the 2 feeders (out of my four) that
they first discovered. 11 total hummers vying for space at the feeders all
at once in a driving rain.The young apparently don't initially know the
rules of the feeder and their proper place in the pecking order. So it
looks like a swarm of very large insects constantly chasing each other off
of feeder perches and around the feeder.

Quite a show of aerial acrobatics, almost combat at times!

Robert Mussey

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