Date: 7/11/18 6:09 am
From: Jim Leonard <photojleonard...>
Subject: [obol] Response to OBOL posting
This person sent me a private email that related to my recent posting on
OBOL. I have deleted the names for privacy purposes. I thought this
person had a good message for all OBOL users!

Hi Jim,

I’m an OBOL subscriber and I just want to commend you on writing a very
polite response to (blank) somewhat snarky email to you about your request
for ID help. I think it was clear to most of us that you were asking for ID
help after coming to an educated conclusion based on whatever tools you
have and chose to use. It is very difficult to distinguish the flycatchers
as well as fledgling birds and I don’t understand what (blank) problem was.
In any case, your response was not only polite, but served the purpose of
not escalating what was, I thought, a provocative situation. I hope you
continue to ask thoughtful questions and share with all of us your stunning
photos. Some of these guys are rude and know-it-alls and seem to enjoy
shaming people who are wanting to learn. I don’t get that and I think the
majority of OBOL users find this kind of posting offensive.

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