Date: 7/11/18 5:33 am
From: Marshall Faintich via VA-bird <va-bird...>
Subject: Re: [VA-bird] purpose of list; dead male RTHU
Mike Stinson posted:

"The information page for this list

( at ) states
that "Va-bird is a forum for reporting interesting bird sightings in


Not interesting bird sightings from somewhere else.

Not articles about birds that you happen to run across.

Not a report on a vacation to somewhere else besides Virginia.

Not a forum for political discussions.

I get enough email about birds and other things that I'd really rather not
have any extra messages from Va-bird that don't fit the stated purpose of
the list. . ."

I recently posted a trip report to the Canadian Maritime Provinces, and on
one hand, do understand that it was out of scope for the VA-bird list
server. On the other hand, however, I have received more than a dozen emails
from Virginia birders thanking me for the posting, both for bringing back
memories from birders who have been there, and from birders planning on
going there. Over the years, I have met and developed relationships with
other Virginia birders whom I would not have met otherwise because of my
postings. I also enjoy reading the postings from other Virginia birders
about their birding travels outside of Virginia.

Perhaps the VSO can create a separate list server for out of scope postings,
such as the ABA has for different aspects of birding, such as "What's this
bird?" and other pages for different birding topics.

Alternatively, anyone who is a member of this list server can opt for digest
mode. Then they can get multiple postings lumped into a single email, and
choose not to read any postings that are not of interest to them. My choice
is to read the posting of interest to me from either the ABA web site that
re-posts VA-bird postings, or directly from the VA-bird Archives, and do not
get any emails about VA-bird postings.

Mike Stinson is certainly correct making the statements in his posting about
out of scope postings. Perhaps he would like to suggest an alternative for
us Virginia birders who would like to learn about out of state birding.


Marshall Faintich

Crozet, VA

<marshall...> <>

In real life, the shortest distance between two points is never a straight
line, so you might as well enjoy the journey !!


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