Date: 7/10/18 6:35 pm
From: <jmeredit...>
Subject: [COBOL] Shorebirds Redmond ponds
First, I missed a good look at a flying shorebird about the same size as
Brewer's Blackbird. If I had to give a name, I would say Solitary
Sandpiper based on the size and the rump and tail pattern in flight. It
flew off from near where some Leasts were around the puddles at the SW
corner of the 4th diked pond. It flew over toward the main pond but even
though I did a 2nd loop around that, no sign of the bird. The only water
or wet ground in the diked ponds is at that 4th one.

Main pond
6 Greater Yellowlegs
3 Long-billed Dowitchers
18 Leasts
Spotties and Killdeer, no other species of shorebird seen there this

Kestrels must have fledged around there as I saw at least 10 individuals
today around the main pond and fields to the east. Western Kingbird was
feeding a beaten dragonfly to a young kingbird. Nothing new. We are soon
going to run out of shorebird habitat at the main pond, based on how
much water is rushing into it now.

Good birding, Judy Meredith, <jmeredit...>

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