Date: 7/10/18 6:36 pm
From: Dianne & Steve Kinder <000000023c9fba03-dmarc-request...>
Subject: Swan Lake NWR Chariton Co.
Some of the things observed at Swan Lake today -
Great Blue Heron - 100Great Egret - 200White Pelican - 300
Northern Pintail - one male
Least Sandpiper - 1Solitary Sandpiper - 1Greater Yellowlegs - 1
Otter - 3
Water Snakes eating frogs - 3
Heard what sounded like a Fish Crow, guess it could have been a young American Crow at this time, but don't think so. 
Dirt work continuing on the conversion of part of the crop fields in the middle of the refuge to a new wetland/grassland complex. There will be some road closures as work progresses. Right now the north entrance is closed, but you can still drive through from the main entrance to the east entrance. Should be interesting to see how this develops.
Saw two Forester's Terns and one Ring-billed Gull at Che-Ru lake as I went back by Fountain Grove CA.

Later,Steve KinderChillicothe, Livingston <Co.dmkinder...>

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