Date: 7/10/18 1:48 pm
From: Harry Fuller <atowhee...>
Subject: [obol] Re: Fw: [eBird Alert] Jackson County Lawrence's Goldfinch
Just another Californian fleeing to the north as many of us have done...I
am currently working on updated Birds of Jackson County,compared to the
1975 GPO pamphlet, all the new breeding species have come from the south in
keeping with habitat and climate changes

On Tue, Jul 10, 2018 at 1:27 PM, Russ Namitz <namitzr...> wrote:

> Is there a breeding record of Lawrence's Goldfinch in Oregon? I think
> not. This is a solid observer that has found a Lawrence's Goldfinch in the
> Applegate Valley in the past 2 years that multiple observers were able to
> see and photograph.
> Cheers,
> Russ Namitz
> Oregon
> Lawrence's Goldfinch (Spinus lawrencei) (5)
> - Reported Jul 09, 2018 07:40 by Anne Goff
> - Provolt Pond, Jackson, Oregon
> - Map:,-
> 123.2299519&ll=42.287798,-123.2299519
> - Checklist:
> - Comments: "On branch extending over the pond, just north of "Welcome to
> Josephine County" sign. Four babies begging, adult male feeding.
> Adult&#61;gray back, black face, bright yellow chest, whiteish gray belly.
> Babies - sort of subtle stripes on belly fading to clear in center, yellow
> on wings somewhat like a Pine Siskin, bill was not pointed like a siskin,
> however, but instead was sort of stout like a House Finch, sort of a
> tannish pink color. Plain head on the babies."
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