Date: 7/10/18 7:47 am
From: Joe Tucker <000001df0ca37a3b-dmarc-request...>
Subject: Re: Dear Arbirders - miscommunication

Yes, Glenn just sent me a PM informing me that I must have insulted all you great experts! When I responded to Glenn, I had NOT seen any other response. (I still have NOT seen Bill's -- so sorry Bill!) I was simply asking for folks like Mike , Bill, Dan, Will, Karen etc to chime in. Folks who have actually studied the issue both academically and through their years of field work.

Glenn, WIll B and Dan S have been very kind and helpful to me and my education. I love all things natural, beautiful and all science. I have great curiosity and interests which makes it difficult to spend enough time on any one subject so I have to rely upon yours and their expertise. I appreciate all the help I can get!

I hope this clears up any miscommunication and hurt feelings.

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Subject: Re: Dear Arbirders - miscommunication

Miscommunication... I'm an expert on that myself.
Joe Tucker, you had commented on the mockingbird threat with this comment:

"GREAT questions Glenn. I hope some of the real bird experts will respond. Dan???"

My guess is that Bill had commented(possibly privately) before your comment and so to him, it looked like a comment aimed at him, suggesting his advice(which I didn't see) was not worth much.

Bill, if you're following this, I don't think Joe saw your comments and I am certain his comment was not referring to you.

I make these errors myself... and cause them as well. :(

I wonder if birds ever miscommunicate in some way. That could be interesting.

And now, back to birds... :)

Daniel Mason


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