Date: 7/10/18 7:20 am
From: Terence Skelton <00000140e212e0d0-dmarc-request...>
Subject: [LABIRD-L] Purple gallinules and vegetation and water levels
Purple gallinule present again on Paris Road in Chalmette

I went to the Bayou Sauvage Boat Launch on Highway 11 at the end of the day, and the purple gallinules were on the railing as I pulled off. Of course, they flew off before I could get a good pic.

Of note, there is a lot less vegetation at the launch than the last time I was there, two weeks ago, and the alligators are very present.

Speaking of vegetation, there are beautiful flowers at the Paris Road Chalmette location, and quite a lot of cat of nine tails. Lots of glossy ibis and black neck stilts out there yesterday.

As for water, the immature reddish egret is still present at South Shore Harbor, and the water level is higher than two weeks ago. It is no longer the mud flats I had seen a couple of weeks ago. There was even someone fishing in the water.

Great birding day yesterday, and the birds were even present while it rained.

The Ridge Trail at Bayou Sauvage is full of dragonflies, and the overlook is unfortunately closed off, probably due to the broken boards. I usually only go to the overlook and turn around so I can hit other places. I was however treated to an indigo bunting in a snag tree on the way back from the overlook to the parking lot. Very nice treat!

Will post my lists and any decent pics when I can on eBird, but wanted to comment here on the water levels and vegetation.

Happy birding, all!


Terence Skelton
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