Date: 7/10/18 5:20 am
From: peter paul <pepaul...>
Subject: [nysbirds-l] Breezy Point, Queens
In case anyone was missing all that tern talk - never fear, I got you

Breezy was very busy yesterday in the late afternoon. There were hundreds
of gulls (mostly Herring and Great Black-backed), and hundreds of terns
(mostly Common, and Least). But highlights included one ROSEATE TERN and
one LESSER BLACK-BACKED GULL. The LBBG seems to be the same one that has
been there since late June, and in my experience, has always been in the
same place - directly in front of you, or just to the left as the 4 x 4
path opens out onto the beach.

The terns were mostly feeding on the ocean, making sorting through them
difficult. There was one group that was usually around 30 birds or so
loafing around the point. This group did not seem to have much turn
around, as I kept finding the same first summer bird and second summer type
in it. There was a second group loafing near the base of the jetty, on the
bay side, which seemed to rotate more.

Below are my ebird report, and pictures on Flickr. I tried to include the
variation in age and appearance of the birds that were there. There were
at least 6 first summer COTEs, and about as many second summer types. That
said, I didn't discover the bay side loafers until about an hour before I
was going to leave, and I feel fairly confident that with more scrutiny,
that group could have produced even more interesting birds. The numbers
were certainly high enough that I would expect some more surprises could
have been there with more examination.



As always, happy terning,


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