Date: 7/9/18 3:44 pm
From: Thomas Miko <thomas_miko...> [LACoBirds] <LACoBirds-noreply...>
Subject: [LACoBirds] February 19, 1996 Sandhill Crane in Palos Verdes
I apologize for using the list for this purpose, but I do not have Martin Byhower's current email address (however, emails I write to his old email address have not bounced back, as undeliverable): He told me about a Sandhill Crane that spent the winter in Palos Verdes. There was no "LA County Birds" at the time (or was this bird not posted?). Thanks to him, I saw this bird.

Much to my surprise, none of the local birders who saw this wintering bird have entered it into eBird, so I want to get the ball rolling on this topic.. If you also saw this bird, contact me, and I will share the eBird entry with you.

Tom Miko

Claremont (Hey, it wasn't 110F, today!)


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