Date: 7/9/18 1:42 pm
From: Richard Guthrie <richardpguthrie...> [hmbirds] <hmbirds-noreply...>
Subject: Re: [HMBirds] White/albino Mourning dove or lost pet?
There are so many possibilities that may be about this bird.

That it may be an albino or leucistic (couldn't find the spelling for that
) wild bird is the least likely option.

I'd speculate that it was a released bird from a wedding or something.

Captive raised birds like that (and lost pets) don't do well in the wild.

The people paid good money for that little ceremony only to have the bird
become hawk chow somewhere down the line.

I doubt animal control will take much interest in corralling it.

Since it may well be people trained, maybe someone can approach it and
bring it in out of harm's way.

Rich Guthrie

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> Hi,
> I just posted a picture in the photo gallery.
> This bird is in Westmere and has been hanging out all day, my friend can
> get very close to it which makes me believe it may be a lost pet? Or maybe
> it's just an albino wild bird? Not sure whether to leave it be or call
> someone (Animal Control) to catch it if it is a pet?
> I don't find anything on Twitter, can someone maybe check FB?

Richard Guthrie

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