Date: 7/9/18 11:41 am
From: Bob Reiling <rreiling2...>
Subject: [southbaybirds] Hermann's Gull & Mute Swan in Salt Pond A16

This morning (7/9/2018) while looking for the MUTE SWAN in Salt Pond
A16 (eventually located in the far northwestern portion of the pond) I
saw a HERMANN'S GULL on island #18. At about 8:25 it flew West until
out of sight showing the grayish uppertail coverts of a second winter
HEGU while the rest of the body of the bird was an overall
grayish-brown (black upper tail and legs, mostly dark bill) . The
female REDHEAD with young was near the first island (#20?). A half
grown KILLDEER in New Chicago Marsh was exciting until well seen.

Take care,

Bob Reiling


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