Date: 7/9/18 10:55 am
From: Harold A. Yocum <drhal2...>
Subject: Re: Birds and Spiders An Important Connection
Could not agree more. We show the spiders and their webs to our grandchildren. They love it .
Hal Yocum

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> On Jul 9, 2018, at 12:15 PM, Jerry Davis <jwdavis...> wrote:
> Birds and Spiders An Important Connection
> One of the first birds I took pictures of on our recent trip to Alaska was at Potter’s Marsh where a pair of Common Redpoll were collecting spider webs and Dandelion down for nest building. This was a reminder and a chance to remind you of how important spiders are to birds, not only as a source of food but an important source of nest building material. Spider webs are important as a nest material to hummingbirds and other birds as well. Spiders are an important indicator as to the ecological health of your yard. If you see a spider web and not the spider, most likely a bird has already harvested it. If you have a yard where you do not see spider webs, mostly likely it is not good for native insects that feed birds nor as a healthy environment for birds, other vertebrates, invertebrates or even humans.
> Many adults still fear spiders and bath their lawns in pesticides which is not good for people or other forms of life. If you are one that does such you are putting yourself, your family and other life forms at risk of low fertility, cancer and even death. If you have arachnophobia there is therapy for that. Make an effort to have a yard that is healthy for birds, spiders and native insects. Jerry Wayne Davis, July 9, 2018
> Jerry Wayne Davis
> Hot Springs, AR

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