Date: 7/9/18 9:25 am
From: <annegoffar...>
Subject: [obol] Lawrence's Goldfinch
I apologize if this posts twice. Tried to send from my iPad and it
isn't working.
Where: At the Provolt Pond in Josephine County. Intersection of
Williams Highway and Highway 238. Just north of the "Welcome to
Josephine County" line. Large shrub with a branch overhanging the
pond. Sitting on the branch.
What: Five Lawrence's Goldfinches. Four babies, begging, and one
beautifully marked adult male. Black face, bright yellow chest with
gray/white belly, gray back. Very distinct. Babies were fairly plain,
unmarked face, faded streaking on flanks fading to to no markings in
center of belly, yellow on outer wings, stout-ish bill.

Anne <Goffannegoffar...>

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