Date: 7/9/18 6:48 am
From: Carol Joan Patterson <0000003a0ccbe138-dmarc-request...>
Subject: NWAAS meeting at Hobbs State Park July 21, Dan Scheiman speaker

The Northwest Arkansas AudubonSociety July meeting will be on Saturday, July 21, 2018 at the Hobbs State ParkVisitor Center at 2 pm.  Dr. Dan Scheiman will give the followingpresentation: "Creatinga Bird-Friendly Yard”.  I hope that many of  you will come.  I believe that all of us love our birds dearly.  Our little friends are facing huge problems.  We bird-lovers are making great efforts to help birds through tough times.  I think Dan will have ideas so that we might help more.  If we are not there for our birds, they may not be there for us...

Over the past century urbanization haschanged once ecologically productive land into sterile lawns with exoticornamental plants. We have introduced walls of glass, toxic pesticides, anddomestic predators. The human dominated landscape typically does not supportfunctioning ecosystems or provide healthy places for birds. As a result manybird species are in decline. Your yard - and the kinds of plants in it -matters more than you may know. Native plants play an important role inproviding the food and cover birds need to survive and thrive in a way thatnon-native plants cannot. By increasing the number of native plants, decreasingnon-native invasive plants, and making other changes, you can greatly improvethe value of your yard to birds.

Dr.Dan Scheiman is Bird Conservation Director for Audubon Arkansas, a state officeof the National Audubon Society, based at the Little Rock Audubon Center. Danhas a B.S. from Cornell University, M.S. from Eastern Illinois University, andPh.D. from Purdue University. He and his coworkers monitor birds, restorewildlife habitat, and help Arkansans improve their local environments.  Hehas been birding for over 25 years. Since moving to Arkansas in 2005 to workfor Audubon he has seen 361 of the 419 bird species documented in the state.

Free and open to public

Joanie Patterson, Vice-president,Northwest Arkansas Audubon Society

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