Date: 7/8/18 9:30 pm
From: Suzanne Coleman <isooz...> [ILbirds] <ILbirds-noreply...>
Subject: IBET Waukegan Beach, Lyons Woods (Lake co.)
Hi all,
I started writing this up, the long way, but then I got too tired and too hungry to finish, so I am just going to post the basics :)

My first time up to Waukegan Beach, thanks to Al and Jeff for some help in getting to the right place.  It was packed with people, and gulls.  I found the piping plovers due to experience, they would be hard to see if you didn't know where to look.  They were near the large fluddle in the gravel area.  They peeped to help me out on occasion too, white on white is hard to see :)  There were gulls, didn't look much, not a gull person but they all looked the same, except some young-looking ones.
Went to see the common terns, so awesome.  Love their peeping too!  I have learned the aural part of birding is a big part of why I enjoy it so much.  I ran into a nice beach patrol person who was very good about trying to be sure the terns weren't being disturbed by me.  They weren't, but later some teen males were an issue which made it a not-so-positive experience in the end.  I tried to educate them, and all but one seemed fine; hopefully he respects the birds.  According to the employee, someone vandalized the fencing last night but they had re-placed it already. 

Lyons woods, had to go and try and get a blue-winged warbler since it was around the corner.  If you like literal swarms of mosquitos especially interested in your ear canals and eyelids, this is the place for you!  It wasn't so bad walking, except in the wooded part, but if you stopped you were s...d.
my first ever breeding chestnut warbler singing a lot (poss. two there, one other singer I didn't see earlier)
blue-winged warbler also singing
two towhees counter/or co-singing
e. kingbird, love their sounds!
flicker dust-bathing on path, had a partner and they were courting/ or two males bobbing-off
hummingbird, m ruby-throated

Suzanne Coleman
cook co in lake co.

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