Date: 7/8/18 7:03 pm
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Subject: [COBOL] Fwd: California Condor - Medicine Bow Peak, Albany Co
Jake Schas sent this to me and asked if this is an appropriate post. It is way out of COBOL territory but really interesting. Jake is correct that maybe a few dedicated CO birders might make the trek to WY to see a Condor. Very interesting none the less. I’ve decided to pass it on.


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> Subject: California Condor - Medicine Bow Peak, Albany Co
> Hi all,
> I haven't seen word of this astonishing find on Wyobirds yet, so I thought
> I would share for anyone interested. Late yesterday afternoon, a visiting
> birder photographed and reported to eBird an immature CALIFORNIA CONDOR
> perched just below Medicine Bow Peak in the Snowy Range. This morning,
> Libby Megna and Paul Dougherty re-found the bird and showed it to me as I
> raced up the trail around 1:30 in the afternoon. It was quite tame,
> seemingly unconcerned by the dozen plus hikers summiting the peak only 40
> or 50 feet away. In the time I watched, it appeared healthy, preening,
> walking around, and stretching its wings from time to time. It has an
> identification tag on each wing (number T2) and the wire from a GPS
> transmitter was visible as well. I plan to do some searching online and see
> if I can find any information on this bird's past, and if I do I'll share
> that here.
> For anyone considering a possible chase, I would caution that it is roughly
> a 3mi hike with more than 2000' of elevation gain on a very rocky and, in
> places, snowy trail to reach the top of Medicine Bow. The road in to Lewis
> Lake and Sugarloaf isn't open yet, but you can park at the highway and walk
> 1mi along the road to the trailhead. It didn't appear that this bird had
> moved much since yesterday, but for its own sake I hope that it isn't there
> for too much longer. Fingers crossed that it's just digesting a big meal
> and will happily take to the skies again soon!
> I took several photos of the condor, which can be seen on my eBird
> checklist:
> Don Jones
> Laramie, WY

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