Date: 7/8/18 6:56 pm
From: Eric Horvath <horvath...>
Subject: [obol] Black Swifts at Salt Creek Falls
I visited Salt Creek Falls, on hwy 58, Lane County, on 7 & 8 June 2018.
For evening watch on 7 June, two Black Swifts flew over the canyon at 9:02 PM. It was a long wait at the overlook, usually the swifts come by several times and put on a good showing of aerial acrobatics.
After it was too dark to see well, there was one Black Swift that went to roost on the right of the falls as you look at it, about one third the way down, at about the junction of wet and dry cliff. The bird was sitting horizontally on a little mossy ledge, but on 8 June there was nothing on the ledge, no egg, no bird from 7-9:30 AM and again at 1:45 PM.
So its another year where they are nesting there somewhere, but the site is so enormous, and has only 3 reasonable viewpoints…the nest must be behind a fern or something like that. The ledge where they nested in 2012 is still visible, but its empty. BTW, some nighthawks were out at dusk, and there is a dipper nest at Salt Creek Falls, way down on the left of the water, 2/3 of the way down the cliff. Its the usual dipper moss igloo with a round entrance hole.
Currently we still only have one site in Oregon where Black Swift nesting has been confirmed…so if you want glorious accolades, find the second site! For the kudus to come trotting your way, make sure to get a photo of the black swift on the nest. My collection of occupied sites for Washington State is going well, I have 17 waterfalls with photo of black swift at the nest!

—Eric Horvath

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