Date: 7/8/18 5:43 pm
From: Yong Kong <yklitespeed...>
Subject: [JERSEYBI] Brig shorebird 4th July weekend wrap up
Last Thursday when Marbled Godwit and Stilt Sandpipers were being reported via CMBO Text, my reaction was I must have seen those birds for the past two weekends but I was unable to ID due to lack of knowledge. Simple is that. Blame yourself. That is how I roll. Yesterday at Brig, I encountered a very distant and very low energy short-billed dowitcher with distinct white eyebrow. I tried to convince my birdbrain that it was one of the two previously reported Stilt, but deep down birder knows he/she is digging too deep to put a name on the bird.

Today at Brig I lucked out on the *real McCoy* Stilt Sandpiper. It was again very distant view from Marker 5 feeding with about a dozen dowitchers. The Stilt stood out from the dow crowd in terms of its structure and feeding style even at great distance. Besides the grayish looking plumage it was feeding with rear end pointing way up as compare to the dows.

Only reason I needed to look thru the scope and review the film for self-confirmation ID was CMBO Text. Reason ? Remote chance I would be wrong once-again on the bird ID in public.

For those who have been looking or are looking for July Stilt Sandpipers at Brig, do not drive yourself nuts trying to find one mixed in with a dows. If you did not see it, that means it was not in that flock. Just keep looking. You would know if you saw one as I did today.

Yong Kong
Camden County

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