Date: 7/8/18 3:17 pm
From: Fred Atwood <fatwood...>
Subject: interesting birds in Grant Co
Not much time so just a quick report:
This AM I heard the Chuck-wills-Widow at North Mill Creek Rd as reported by
others. It called about a dozen times just as the sky started to lighten.

From there I went to Dolly Sods Bear Rocks where everything was as normal.
There were 19 yellowthroats (13 singing) at Bear Rocks and the nearby boggy

Then I decided to explore the meadows along Ridge Rd and Brick School Rd
between Maysville and Hogueland Rd.

ALong Ridge Rd between 42 and Hogueland Rd I found another DICKCISSEL
singing. Also SIX Blue Grosbeaks scattered at most of my stops along the
road and an adult Bald Eagle flying overhead.

I had been hoping for Vesper sparrow, but was disappointed until I checked
out Brick School Rd where I found THREE VESPER Sparrows singing in the same

Sorry for the quick report but I've got to eat supper quickly. I want to
get back to Bear Rocks to see if the Nighthawks are displaying there again
this year.

All the best
Fred Atwood
Cabins, Grant Co, WV
Oakton, Fairfax Co, VA
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