Date: 7/8/18 8:18 am
From: Terry Bronson <tbronsonbirds...>
Subject: Another Blue Grosbeak in Wood County
A singing male is present along the North Bend Rail Trail about a 10-minute
walk from the Happy Valley Road trailhead.

At that spot there is a blue barn and several hay wagons (today at least).
There are 2 gates in the fence. Just past the second gate there is an empty
suet cage feeder on the fence. The bird is in the shrubs and small trees at
that spot. I also heard some chinking calls deep in the vegetation that
might have a female, but the bird remained hidden. A female cardinal was
also present so it could have been a cardinal.

Other highlights included:

Great Blue Heron--1
Green Heron--1
Osprey--1 flying along the Little Kanawha River
Eastern Wood-Pewee--2
Barn Swallow--24
Wood Thrush--3
Northern Mockingbird--10
Cedar Waxwing--3
Eastern Meadowlark--5
Orchard Oriole--2

Terry Bronson
Vienna, WV
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