Date: 7/7/18 9:03 pm
From: Dan Richards <drichards7...>
Subject: Yellow-bellied Sapsucker, Dark-eyed Juncos, Purple Finches, Clearfield Co.
This evening I watched a Gray Squirrel reap the benefits of a Yellow-bellied Sapsucker's labors. The YBSA drilled several holes in our backyard Red Oak, and upon returning, a squirrel was not only lapping up the sap, it was ardently defending the freshly drilled holes from the frustrated sapsucker.
A Dark-eyed Junco pair is once again attempting to nest in an ornamental boxwood shrub planted near our deck. Last year, a pair built a nest in the same shrub, only to be disrupted by a predator.
Also, several Purple Finches have been patronizing my bird feeders almost daily since late March.
Dan Richards
Treasure Lake
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