Date: 7/7/18 3:32 pm
From: Roy Lowe <roy.loweiii...>
Subject: [obol] Re: Ducks get around (the country, the world)
A color-banded harlequin duck from McDonald Creek in Glacier NP was observed at the Yaquina Bay South Jetty 2-3 winters in a row during the mid-90’s.

Interesting info on the long-tailed duck. I wonder how they were able to track it over multiple years and continents?


> On Jul 6, 2018, at 9:01 PM, Robert O'Brien <baro...> wrote:
> A couple of amazing posts from Tweeters in WA state. The Chuwuch River is in north central Washington,
> a little south of the Canadian border. Bob OBrien Carver OR
> The banded Harlequin male I saw far up the Chewuch River was banded as a
> chick in 2012 in the upper MacDonald Creek area of Glacier National Park.
> He was most likely headed to the coast.
> Interestingly, the researcher said two of her Harlequins were observed on
> Lake Erie and the ATLANTIC ocean!!
> Libby Schreiner
> Hal Michael <ucd880...>
> 8:36 PM (15 minutes ago)
> to merdave, tweeters
> When I was taking Gamebird Biology in college the prof had a neat story about Long-tailed Duck migration. He said that a pair on the wintering grounds then returned
> to where the female was hatched. The example he gave was a male, hatched in Alaska. Wintered off the Pacific Coast, traveled with his mate to Hudson's Bay.
> Wintered off of Cape Cad, met a new female and went to Iceland. Then wintered in Europe and went north to Scandinavia.
> Eventually, he ended up back in Alaska having not only circled the globe but brought genetic variation to a lot of populations.

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