Date: 7/7/18 8:56 am
From: Linda Fink <linda...>
Subject: [obol] Re: Eagles and Murres (and others)
Thanks for the interesting links. Another bird impacted by eagles in the
area I monitor is Black Oystercatchers. Last year none of the 6 nests I
monitor were successful, largely because eagles sat nearby for long
periods of time. Eagles don't have to fly over to disturb BLOY. BLOY
will not go near their nest when a predator is whatever-they-consider
too close. This year 4 pairs didn't bother to try nesting at all. Eagles
seem to have found new perching areas away from 2 BLOY nests and those
are still viable.

Interestingly, an eagle nest is not far from the Refusal Rock BLOY nest
that failed 3 times in succession last year but appears to have
successfully hatched chicks this year (monitored by another volunteer).
Maybe BLOY can get used to eagles eventually. Of course, BLOY are too
small for eagles to bother with so it's not that eagles deliberately
disrupt nesting as is the case with Murres. Peregrines, otoh, do take
BLOY but are not as prevalent everywhere as eagles... yet.

It's an interesting time to be watching species interaction on the
Oregon coast.

But, of course, species have been duking it out forever. Extinctions are
driven by invasive predators and habitat loss and now, warming oceans
(climate change). An interesting article from 4 years ago...

Linda Fink

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