Date: 7/6/18 11:22 pm
From: Nels Nelson <nelsnelson7...>
Subject: [COBOL] Your handling of the Courtney Kelly Jett posting
Hi Tom,

I don't think I've ever personally met you before (or for that matter,
Courtney Kelly Jett), even though I've spent a fair amount of time birding
in Central Oregon over the past 5+ years. I'm 81 years young and started
birding in Oregon in 1961 when I made my first trip to Malheur NWR with my
college Ornithology class in late May of 1961.

I may not have all the facts, but on the surface, it seems to me your
response to Ms. Jett was quite harsh. I was not in the least offended by
her post. In fact, I appreciated the sense of humor she injected into her
post, along with the list of birds they saw.

I realize COBOL has rules and guidelines, but for goodness sake, this is a
*HOBBY*, not some protocol like that which must be rigidly followed to the
letter to avoid the melt down of a nuclear reactor. It seems to me if
a bit more flexibility and compassion were applied to the rules, this
entire incident with Ms. Jett could have been avoided.

I've seen postings on COBOL from other birders in the Bend area that by
your rules might be considered more off-base than hers (e.g. a recent post
about plugging or screening vent pipes on toilets to keep ducks and other
birds from getting trapped or dying in the toilet) that never drew any
response. BTW, the post about saving birds from getting stuck in a toilet
did not offend me. In fact, I appreciated it.

It seems to me we ought to be more encouraging to younger birders
(especially gals) rather than putting them down and taking the joy of
birding away from them, just for the sake of 'the rules'.

I encourage you to re-consider your decision and try and find some middle
ground to heal hurt feelings and avoid similar misunderstandings in
the future.


Nels Nelson
Hillsboro, OR


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