Date: 7/6/18 8:10 pm
From: Karen Burnson <karenburnson...>
Subject: [southbaybirds] Cooper's Hawk Drinking At Fountain
An adult *Cooper's Hawk* came in for a drink this afternoon. The
neighborhood pair fledged 2 or 3 young this year. I saw them in Belgatos
Park in a noisy and chaotic scene last week as one had a squirrel carcass
and the others were trying to get it. It has been noted on the Nextdoor
blog that they are going after the "yard squirrels". Some neighbors were
glad and some neighbors were sad.
I saw a Selasphorus Hummingbird yesterday in the yard but could not tell
what it was or get a photo. There are still plenty of *Purple
Finches*, *Hooded
Orioles* and *Black-headed Grosbeaks* here. Sunbathing behavior has spread.

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