Date: 7/6/18 5:30 pm
From: Alicia Plotkin <tess...>
Subject: Re: [LABIRD-L] Feather identification?
The Feather Atlas <>, put together
by the Fish & Wildlife service, is a pretty cool resource.  I'm no
expert but your feather does seem a lot like the primaries for an adult
Red-Shoulder shown here


On 7/6/2018 7:48 PM, Jonathan Rotondo-McCord wrote:
> So I'm pretty sure this feather is from a red-shouldered hawk, but I'd
> appreciate someone more expert confirming it:
> I found it on a bike ride this morning around my neighborhood (just
> west of Mandeville). Just a few minutes before, in another part of the
> neighborhood, I heard a red-shouldered hawk calling, and looked up to
> see it being harassed by a mockingbird. I wonder if the feather is
> from the same bird?
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