Date: 7/6/18 4:57 pm
From: JULIANA <juliana.manoliu...>
Subject: [southbaybirds] Common gallinule report and miscellaneous sightings
After my 6/8/2018 report of 5 /*Common gallinule*/ juveniles at WTCP in
Sunnyvale, I followed up with two more visits two weeks apart.

On 6/22/2018

-the juveniles were down from 5 to 4

-there were two adults associated with the juveniles and 3 more Common
gallinule adults at other locations

On 7/6/2018

-there were still 4 juveniles; about 3/4 size of adults with brown
feathers on the back; where adults have white tinges on flanks  the
juveniles had cream colored instead

-there were  two adults associated with the juveniles but no other
adults were seen

At Charleston slough I did not see any indication of /*Common
gallinule*/ breeding activity over the last 6 weeks; one adult Common
gallinule was seen on the North side of the forebay on 6/19/2018.

On the miscellaneous side, all sightings below were at WTCP

-at least one /*Green heron */on each of my visits

-5 male /*Great tailed grackles */ on both 6/22 and 7/6

-large flocks of/*blackbirds*/ over the marsh with many juveniles and
females, but no unusual types

-good numbers of /*Marsh wrens*/ (10+) many of them juveniles

-/*White-tailed kites*/ and/*kestrels */in small numbers

Juliana Manoliu

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