Date: 7/6/18 10:18 am
From: James O'Brien <jphillipobrien...>
Subject: [JERSEYBI] Field notes from Asbury Park and Allenhurst.
Asbury Park:
Osprey nest on the APH athletic field has at least one very young chick.

Osprey nest on the radio tower has at least one chick about 3 or so weeks older than the APH one. Still two weeks or so till fledge so this will be prime nest watching right now.

Two peregrines on the watertower each day. Times vary depending but they are up there if you look most of the time. The adult flies off to the southeast in the direction of Asbury Tower. They may have nested up there but havenít seen any evidence.

Least tern hunting along Interlaken.

Red-shouldered hawk took a run at the Purple Martin houses on Main St.

Red-tailed hawk hunting along the train tracks north of the station.

Chimney swifts, cliff swallows and roughies continue.


Asbury Park, NJ

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