Date: 7/5/18 7:07 pm
From: Susan Garretson Friedman <susangarretsonfriedman...>
Subject: [JERSEYBI] out of state Colorado Birding request
Hi Jersey Birders,

We will be in Golden/ Boulder/ Red Rocks, Colorado this weekend for a
concert, and I just realized we have a spare day. Now we could go on
brewery tours, but I’d rather bird if anyone has a suggestion for where
would be good nearby at this time of year. I know at least a few of you
have been out there. The Colorado Birding Trail site lists the Red Rocks
Birding trail as the closest, but I’m not used to desert birding in the 90
plus degree summer heat, so can’t figure out what birds would be there.
Long story short, if you have any suggestions, please reply offlist to
<susangarretsonfriedman...> or message me on Facebook. TIA, and sorry
for off topic post!

Good Birding,
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