Date: 7/5/18 5:54 pm
From: pep4223 <pep4223...>
Subject: Killdeer Successful Nesting - Jefferson County
I am happy to report the Killdeer nest in Jefferson County at the Brigg's Animal Adoption Center, south of Charles Town, WV, was successful. That brave female sat on that nest religiously, through the heat wave, when she could be seen panting to cool off. She also survived the torrential weeks of downpours and the construction cones around her nesting area protected her from getting run over. I'm sure she's happy to have hatched 4 youngsters out of the nest, running around now.

Today I observed the male and female sticking close to the fledglings as they ran around on the property. I only spotted 2 youngsters today, but also didn't have binoculars at the time, as the observation was incidental. I'm not certain if 2 were preyed upon, or if they were stashed somewhere.


Jefferson County, WV
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