Date: 7/4/18 3:31 pm
From: Jack and Pam <00000064a46c579c-dmarc-request...>
Subject: Migratory Birds plus gutting a fund for habitat
When legislators hear about the Migratory Bird Treaty Act (MBTA) or the Land and Water Conservation Fund (LWCF) being under threat they frequently say, "I'm not hearing about this from my constituents."

I just returned from Washington where I met with Arkansas legislators.  Now is the time to reinforce the message that we care about protecting our birds and habitat.
  So here's how it goes.  One old guy from Audubon (me) shows up in the Senator's or Congressman's office saying that people in Arkansas care about these two issues.  That visit puts the MBTA and LWCF on the legislator's radar.  If there is no follow-up, no other word from voters, chances are that's the end of it.  It is a hectic world in Washington so it is reasonable to listen to, pay the most attention to, the squeaky wheels.
Here is your path to guilt free birding- spend 10 minutes today letting your legislator know that the following issues matter:
1. The Migratory Bird Treaty Act has been vital to protecting birds for 100 years (this is the anniversary year).  A new interpretation of the Act by the administration basically guts the protections the Act provides.   Legislation in Congress (HR4239) would make the administration's interpretation of the  Act permanent.  Audubon calls it the "Bird Killer Amendment" because it give industry a free pass to kill birds without consequences.
Sign-on to the Audubon Action Alert here: Audubon Action Alert: Stop Industries from Getting a Free Pass to Kill Birds
2. The Land and Water Conservation Fund was created over 50 years ago and during that time has helped protect parks, places for recreation, areas of cultural significance, and important wildlife habitat.  Every state has benefited.  In Arkansas the LWCF has helped nearly every county protect open spaces.  The Land and Water Conservation Fund is set to expire on September 30, of this year!  There are two bills that birders need to support.  In the Senate (S.569)  and in the House (HR502).  These bills would permanently renew LWCF.
You can support both bills by clicking here:  
Audubon Action Alert: Protect America's Land and Water Conservation Legacy

If, by some extraordinary act of kindness someone on the list actually takes action (sarcasm),  please let me know at (<fellowshipofthewings...>).  Use same address or call me to request more information or to report problems.  IF you really want to make your message powerful, let me know and I'll send you an email address for the staffer who handles these issues so you can by-pass the forms on the legislator's website.  Wish I had time to tell you about my experience talking to our legislators.  You might be surprised.
Jack StewartNewton County, AR(870)715-0260
Forgot to mention that neither MBTA nor LWCF cost tax payers anything!
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