Date: 7/4/18 1:00 pm
From: robert dodelson <rdodelson...>
Subject: [JERSEYBI] Roseate Tern IBSP
Several weeks ago Jeanine and Greg reported 2 to 3 adult Roseate Terns on
the Sedge Islands in IBSP. Several people have reported them since mostly
from kayaks but I believe some from shore as well. Many birders have asked
on the varied bird apps whether the birds can be scoped from shore or if a
boat of some kind is needed.
I thought I would weigh in on this question based on my own personal
experience. This morning was my 3rd trip down and I know that the bird was
seen the 2 previous times I went. I have not been able to see the bird from
the Winter Anchorage shoreline using my scope. I am sure that birders more
skilled than I could see the bird from shore especially if they were adept
at identifying it in flight. To the average birder I think even if you
could convince yourself that you were in fact looking at a Roseate Tern it
would be an unsatisfying experience.
Today I decided to try an alternative to a boat after failing to see the
bird through my scope.
I walked to within 50 to 100 yards of the sandbar and got great scope views
of one of the adults. Thin black bill. Long white tail streamers. Easily
separable from the many Forsters present. Most of the time the water was
waist high but there is one deeper section on the way out (the boat
channel) where the water came up to my upper chest (and put my cell phone
out of commission...temporarily I hope). Thanks to my friend Keenan for
helping me get on the bird.
Bob Dodelson

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